Line extension: Wilthener Weinbrennerei announces two Goldkrone liqueurs

Norten-Hardenberg, April 2023. The Wilthener Weinbrennerei in Wilthen, Saxony, will soon be launching two new liqueurs based on the Wilthener Goldkrone. The two newcomers are called Wilthener Goldkrone Ice Tea Peach and Wilthener Goldkrone Cappuccino. While for some the Wilthener Goldkrone is flavored with peach and black tea in an unknown way, for others the spirit drink containing brandy is combined with coffee extracts. Following the obligatory sweetening, it is bottled with an unknown volume of alcohol and potentially with colouring.

"Wilthener Goldkrone is an established and beloved brand that has actually been inspiring for generations," says Marc Kerger, Director Marketing & Ontrade Sales. "With bold communication and popular flavor variations, we have been successful in the long term. We will certainly not run out of ideas for our cult spirit in the future either.” Both the Wilthener Goldkrone Ice Tea Peach and the Wilthener Goldkrone Cappuccino are scheduled to go on sale in June.